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In this year of 1462, a noble land is threatened by the cruel warlock LHORISS. 

Many champions have ventured into his dark territory to defeat him, but all have died or returned twisted into monstrosities. 
The latest in the line of heroes is SIR ATREUS LISLE and his squire OLLIN who hope the slay the evil once and for all.
This is the story… of their defeat.

This is a NaNoRenO 2018 project; development commenced on 1st March 2018 and ended on the 31st! It's a short visual novel (with scene choices but no other gameplay elements) featuring a bunch of very explicit erotic scenes, exclusively male/male, and dealing with some dark themes - chiefly rape/non-consent, violence, humiliation and corruption / forced transformation. This game should not be played if you are under the age of consent in your country.

Please note that I do not advocate any of the game themes as a real-life act. This very much a fetish fuel game and should not be taken too seriously. If you'd like to see what I can do with more than a month and an actual plot I'd recommend checking out my other project,  Fate of the Squire.

Install instructions

This is a .zip file, so just download, unpack and run the application.

Disclaimer: By request a mac version has been included, but this game was intended for PC and so I may not be able to help with mac-related game issues.


MEGA download 0.2
Itch download 0.2 - pc version 145 MB
Itch download 0.2 - mac version 128 MB

Development log


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Normally, I get the good ending in Visual Novel routes and leave it at that. But I got every combination of choices I could with Corruption - because all the endings are good. My only complaints? No android version, no ending where the boys both transform/admit their feelings, and no scenes that "involve" them both, if you catch my drift. 5 million stars, I am unbelievably excited for Corruption 2 and you are the best.

ok this is a joke (the game is good i dont mean the game i mean thing im about to say) IT CORRUPTED MY PC XD im sorry the name and i had to.

I can't believe that you created such quality in a month! Seriously, I'm amazed!

I really enjoyed this, especially all the combinations in the story. The only downside for me were the grammatical errors, but those were easily dismissed. Thank you for making this.

I'm planning on buying 'Fate of the Squire'; I can't wait to see what you can do without a time limit in full length game!


Okay, it takes this long for me between download-and-playing to finally write a short comment here just because...


But overall, Corrupter is a satisfying Porn With (Wicked) Plot for me :'D

...Okay that is basically the best picture ever. I think Lhoriss probably fancies himself Venus With Man Parts too (except the Man Parts are tentacles). I'm glad you liked it!

did someone legit come here to downvote every comment?? lmao

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Gods, I love this game so much. I've been playing every situation possible. They're all so good. If only the art had been a bit better and it would be perfect. Need more games like this!!!!! 


Hi Elisius! I'm glad you liked this game - all the art was started and finished in under a month, as well as the writing and coding, so apologies that it's a little rough around the edges! However, there are no plans to update the art at this time. Thanks for playing! 


hey what program do you use to create the music for this game?! its super catchy


Hi galaxbee! I didn't actually make the music for this game, as audio is the one thing I have no skills in... I found it on freemusicarchive.org under Nils 505 Feske - perhaps you could look at their website for more info?


oh okay thanks dud e ^>^


I like this game much more than  Fate of the Squire! The art could be a little bit better, though...


Hello art926! This game was completed in 1 month as part of the nanoreno game jam, hence the art being a little rough around the edges - there are no plans to revisit it at this time. 

I'm glad you liked the game! It's more about gratification whereas Squire is more about the plot, and of course it's quite alright to be more interested in the former ;)


nice PWtmP! :D
for having been made in a month, it's cool. nice little differences in the scenes/CG after different choices, and the final CG/endings were great. loved Lhoriss, also the mirror ^^