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In this year of 1463, a noble land is threatened by the cruel warlock LHORISS.

Many champions have ventured into his dark territory to defeat him, but all have died or returned twisted into monstrosities. 

The latest in the line of heroes is SIR ELIOR LEVANT and SIR ARTEM WYMOND, brother in arms who have sworn to end this grave threat. 

This is the story… of their defeat.

This is a sequel to the original Corrupter, a 2018 NaNoRenO project that proved surprisingly popular! Like its predecessor, this will be a short visual novel featuring a extremely explicit erotic scenes, exclusively male/male, and dealing with some dark themes - chiefly rape/non-consent, violence, humiliation and corruption / forced transformation. This game should not be played if you are under the age of consent in your country. Please note that I do not advocate any of the game themes as a real-life act.

This is a work in progress; development commenced end August/start September 2019 and it likely won't be released for many months. I will post monthly dev updates here on itch, or you can follow weekly posts over at my Patreon (these are public; anyone should be able to view them).  

Development log