It's the end of the month! Well, just after. I hope everyone had a good holiday season.

Progress in December has been minimal – that's hopefully not too disappointing or unanticipated, Mandatory Socialisation does tend to put a damper on productivity after all. I have completed the fighting pose sprites for our two protagonists, and from those I ought to be able to wrangle another pose or two as well:

Artem (who took absolutely ages to finish by the way) pictured twice because his big shield gets in the way, but I did actually paint all the armour underneath it. They do also have full clothing layers; I'm not sure where I can use nearly-naked fighting sprites but you never know.

I did also complete an adult scene or two but I can't show explicit stuff outside of Patreon, and whoever is following there will have seen that art already. For everyone else you'll just have to wait until release, sorry!

January cometh, and m,y plan for the next month is to get some more (explicit) CGs done of course, but I still didn't get around to any backgrounds and I really ought to get a move on with that. I'm pretty sure this is a common issue among artists who like drawing people, but environment art is not very stimulating to draw and it's easy to focus on other, more exciting artwork. That said they are important, so I ought to get a few done at least.

I also need to look into music; I spent some of the patron funds on a big fantasy music pack which I need to sift through and find some decent soundtracks. I liked the original Corrupter's chiptune soundtrack because it reminded me of those really old hentai games, which Corrupter is supposed to be a little reminiscent of but it got... let's say mixed responses from the players, so I'm likely to pick something a little classier for Corrupter 2 – no concrete decision yet though. I hadn't planned an original soundtrack for Corrupter 2 unless I get the hang of making my own music, because original soundtracks (unsurprising) cost an arm and a leg, but hopefully some good stock music will do the trick.

That wraps it up for this month, I did say this would be a bit sparse! Back to the grindstone we go...

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