Hello everyone, I'm here with a summary of everything I did over October. If you recall from the last monthly post, my aim was to leave the orc scenes for a little bit and focus on some minotaur scenes instead. So that's what I've done! Firstly, we have a new sprite...

As you can see he's a complete redraw, and a much better one at that. I wanted him to look more bovine and less like an angry man with weird legs. Hopefully I can stay true to that in the CGs as well. Speaking of CGs, here's some sneak peeks...

Anyone following weekly updates over at Patreon will recognise these scenes, though I added some armour to Artem's one and may do the same with Elior's. I'm not sure if it massively improves the scene per se but I don't know, I feel like it looks better. Maybe I just have a weakness for plate armour though.

I've also redone Lhoriss' sprite, seen here with the old one for comparison...

I put redesigning his look a little to a patron poll and so he ended up with the long locks you can see there. More notably though, I figured this was also the time to de-tentacle him, mostly so the 'Lhoriss ending' differs from Corrupter 1. There'll still be a tentacle scene of course, but I plan to make it one of the monster options, so anyone who doesn't like tentacles never needs to see 'em.

The last big thing I've been working on is the 'encounter builder' interface, aka Lhoriss' castle. Here's what I have so far...

It's not perfect and it might need lightening up a little – I'm trying to go for a black castle aesthetic, but dark colours don't always translate well. Still I'm happy with it so far, and hopefully it lends itself well to that isometric look with the various vertical 'levels' of the castle. So, to go through each stage...

We have the FOREST, of which one encounter will be ORCS, the other option isn't set in stone yet.

Next is the DUNGEON, of which one encounter is the LABYRINTH/MINOTAUR. The other option will likely be SLIME/TENTACLES.

Then the CASTLE itself you can see from the icon that it's a vaguely demonic RITUAL ROOM. Fans of Corrupter 1 will know which monster that means, but I haven't started working on him just yet ;) The other option wil almost certainly be the classic MIRROR MAZE.

Then of course we have the THRONE ROOM in which resides our very own final boss LHORISS. As with Corrupter 1 the scene itself isn't directly customisable but it will differ depending on which protagonist is more corrupted.

You can also see there's scope to add in more rooms for extra content, although for now I'm going to focus on finishing the core game, as it were.

So that's everything for October! Now what's coming up in November?

I was actually thinking I'd get into the spirit of NaNoWriMo! I'm not seriously participating (as you can see by me starting 5 days into November) but I do think I need to focus on writing for a while. The script itself is always, always what delays game development, because I tend to get swept away creating art assets, when actually I need to just sit down and do some gosh darn writing.

So, my aim for November is to...

  • Finish writing at least the start of the game, plus the orc and minotaur scenes
  • Continue working on the map
  • Work on some more monster sprites / redrawing sprites from Corrupter 1 so we can get that game updated too
  • Sketch some CGs, but I probably won't get the chance to really paint anything until December I think.

A few bits of artwork, but it may be a bit of an unexciting month coming up while I work on what's really the meat of the game – after all, it doesn't really matter how nice the artwork is if I don't have a great script to go with it. So, I'll see you then!


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sprite updates are lookin soooooo good!