Happy 2019 everyone! I meant to post this yesterday but ended up roped into some New Year’s celebrations instead. But here we are at the start of a new year!

So this past month has largely been spent on writing and drawing the explicit scenes for Squire’s January content. I’m still not 100% happy with the writing to be honest, so I’d still consider that a work in progress, but I do have some finished CGs for you to look at.

Anyone on tumblr and patreon will have seen these already – as I said to you weekly followers, I’ve been away from my pc for most of the last week and a half, so not much more progress than you’ve already seen! I’m hoping next week will have more to show. But for those on itch and the renpy forums you won’t have seen these, so here you go. These scenes are censored, obviously:

So above you can see the sketches that the folks over at patreon voted for, choosing from a few different sketch options. Once I had a winner for each knight I turned that into the fully-coloured CG you see below. I always find it kinda neat to look at the first sketch and final artwork side by side, personally.

A total of four original songs have been commissioned for the game using the funds from patreon, and you can listen to another one over here! I'll see if I can get a few more once the funds have built up a little bit again. Music is pretty expensive (I mean not that this is a surprise, a lot of work goes into it) so I'll have to look at making my own in the future. I will admit though that while I can write, draw and (just about) code, music is something that's always eluded me, so this may be more of a pipe dream.

Otherwise it's been a bit of a quiet month. I'm going to keep chipping away and hope to have most of January's content done over the course of the coming month, so I guess I'll see you then!

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