Hello hello, this is your end of month masterpost (a little late). The goal for March was to get a good chunk of new image asset creation out of the way and we’ve done just that! First, here some new backgrounds:

Left to right we have Gray’s home (only seen if you follow that branch in the story, which we’ve touched on before), Areli’s baths and Garaile’s baths! I haven’t yet decided if Lyall is really the type to take luxuriant baths so when I have a better idea of his scene I’ll draw the background for him.

We’ve also got the costumes for Imbolc, aka the water festival that takes place in February. Like Samhain, it means new costumes for all the knights, and a lesser ‘costume variant’ for Leith. Garaile also gets a very minimal variant because let’s be honest, he’s not the type to dress up unless he gets to stick skulls to his outfit.

We’ve also got the sprite for a new rival; rivals are intended to be more of a feature from mid-end February onwards. I’m not sure there’ll be any extra game mechanics around them per se, but they will feature more in the story. I’d also planned to give them tweaked costumes depending who you’re romancing to show that, like Leith, their personalities are influenced by the knight they’re under. 

Lastly, Konoi generously donated to the Patreon page and received a drawing as a reward! They asked for some brotherly fluff between Leith and their favourite character Errol, and here’s the finished picture:

This is an actual scene that takes place in December, meaning this CG can make it into the game too!

That’s all for now. April’s goal is to work on CGs and write the story! I don’t think a new release will be ready by end April but hopefully we can make some good progress. For those not following the weekly tumblr/patreon posts, I’ll see you then.

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