Hello everyone, I’m very pleased to announce that January is finally finished and is now available to download for patrons. This means there’s a new public release too!

~*~ November! ~*~

PC download: MEGA (Itch coming soon)

Mac download: MEGA (Itch coming soon)

As a reminder of what November contains…

A Contest of Skill

Each of the knight’s is holding a mini-contest in November to see who really has the talent to become their squire. An equestrian course for Areli, an armouring challenge for Lyall, and an obstacle course for Garaile!

A new date scene with the knight, with changing dialogue depending on Leith’s stat levels – this should hopefully act as a guide to what to focus on next.

Other things that were done:

  • Gray’s sprite is now much nicer
  • While creating some new clothes for Errol (just an undershirt, nothing fancy) I realised his sprite proportions could use improvement so I’ve tweaked him a little bit
  • I have linked the game guide in the credits to help people frustrated with game overs, but you can also find it here
  • The Love stat has been tweaked from increasing +2 from every visit to +4, to get those new explicit scenes all the sooner and allow a little more leeway for missed visits (although there’s not a lot of leeway in January, so be careful).

Things that were not done (because I ran out of time):

  • I haven’t added the new music just yet
  • The music that plays during some of Gray’s scenes isn’t entirely fitting but I don’t have anything suitable to put in there, so I’m going to hunt down some more free music in the future
  • I wasn’t able to add that fancy new ending that told you where you needed improvement, because it kept breaking and I ran out of patience. I’m going to come back to that when I have more time and probably do a general non-new-content update soon to improve game quality

I’ve updated the roadmap, which shows where the patreon release is vs. the public one:

We’re half way done! But there’s still a lot further to go…

Now what happens?

Now I’m on vacation for a week ^^ I’ll be away from my computer but if there are any problems with the upload, game bugs to squash or questions to answer, I’ll handle them when I’m back.

It’s also March, which is NaNoRenO month! I will not be starting a new quick project like Corrupter. I know this will disappoint some who want to see more Corrupter-like content, but truthfully it really slowed down my progress on Squire. Aside from not working on it for a month, I was so tired by the end of it that April wasn’t overly productive either.

Instead, I’d rather take the manic energy of NaNoRenO and put that into Squire. We have a lot to do before February content will be ready for release so my plan is to get a chunk of that out of the way – and the sooner February is done the sooner we can do March, and April, etc until Squire is finally complete. And I have some pretty good plans for my next project when Squire is complete…

Get Fate of the Squire (demo)

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