Hello all, I've been working steadily away at the February update. Currently, the main task still left to do is all the writing, which has been very slow. I've been feeling under the weather for a past few weeks which has slowed productivity somewhat, but I'm chipping away. I hope to have the release done, or at least close to done, by the end of July.

In the meantime, here's some screens of in-game content that's been written and coded already:

 Start of Garaile’s new explicit scene:  

 A conversation about Garaile’s kinkier side:  

 Dealings with Dr Gray:  

The Imbolc festival with Areli:  

As you can see we're making steady if unexciting progress! That's about all I can show off this month though. I'll see you all next time, or next Tuesday for the Tumblr/Patreon people.

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excited as ever for squire updates!