Hi everyone, this will be a fairly significant post regards Fate of the Squire. Anyone following the weekly dev posts over at my Patreon will already be aware of this, but I post to a few other places for the end-of-moth 'showcase' posts, so this is just to keep everyone informed.

Basically: I'm putting Squire on hiatus for a little while. I've been working on the February content for quite a while now, and it's still nowhere near finished – realistically, I don't think it'd be done by the end of September either. There are a few reasons for this; my day job has been stressful, I had a period of illness and had something of a depressed period. Ultimately though, I've just lost momentum and enthusiasm for the project. It's been nearly two years of solid work on it, and I'm burned out!

Please note though that I said HIATUS, as in a break. It isn't my intention to leave Squire unfinished. I believe that working on a fresh new project will rekindle my creative fires, and having another visual novel to show off week by week will let me work on Squire's writing (the thing that is currently holding up the new release) with less pressure.

If you've been keeping tabs on the monthly posts you'll know from the last one that the new project is Corrupter 2! I'd originally planned to finish the next Squire content, then put it on hiatus and start Corrupter 2. But because I feel so burned out, I'm now just going to start this project, and return to Squire later.

Over the next few months I'll likely have to focus exclusively on Corrupter 2, but once that period has calmed down I can start working on both. When Corrupter 2 is ready for its first release I'll go back to Squire, and by that point I should have enough writing finished to progress full steam ahead. Plus I'll come back more refreshed and enthusiastic.

This does mean there will be no Squire release for a while. As of right now the public release should be up to the in-game month of November, and the patron-only release is up to January. The February patron/December public release will have to wait until February is finished, which as I say won't be for a while. I'm very sorry for anyone who was eagerly waiting for that next Squire release, but I hope the prospect of another project will make up for it!

Please do comment or message if you have any further questions and I'll try to answer them. The Squire is going to be quiet for a while as I'll post Corr 2 dev posts on its own dedicated project page – of course, weekly posts will still be published to Patreon as usual, regardless of which project it is. 

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