Fate of the Squire

Hello all! I’m working on my first ren'ai game, which I intend to release commercially upon its completion. I’ve actually been working on this for a while but it’s high time I started making a serious effort to finish it. So, without further ado…

In the kingdom of Somalaire any youth may enter the fête of the squire,competing for a knight’s favour over the course of a year – the winner is declared the knight’s squire and will eventually become their successor. You are one such youth, Leith, who hopes to lift his family from poverty to nobility by winning the contest. To do so, however, you must outdo scores of rivals and win your chosen knight’s patronage… and their heart.

In this summer of the year 1350, three knights have declared their wish for a new squire…


Fate of the Squire is a low fantasy game based around the concept of knights and squires. The romances are male x male with some explicit sex scenes, though I’m considering releasing an SFW version of the game for platforms like Steam. Release is aimed for August 2018 – this will be a medium sized game so hopefully a year will be enough time!

I have a patreon if you’d like to support me; once I have enough supporters I’m considering opening polls that let patrons vote on how some scenes will look, and even influence some of the character designs. We’ll see!


  • Actually properly learn some coding (current skill level: small child)
  • Work on UI and opening cutscene artwork
  • Present concept art at the end of the month

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