It’s the end of the month, so here’s a showcase of everything I’ve done this month! I’ve been creating a number of gui graphics, some of which has already been implemented in the game. Fate of the Squire’s unifying theme is stained glass, which is pretty fun to paint!

These window designs are used to give each character a custom textbox, which I’ve already implemented into the game:

 These icons are used when selecting what tasks you’ll do for the day – again, these are now in-game and looking good: 

 Tasks can also be ‘greyed out’ if you don’t have enough money to do them or if they’re restricted to a certain day/time - e.g. you can only visit the knight on sunday evenings, or during the day after so many in-game days. 

 Here are some general windows that are used in the opening scenes of the game and may crop up in a few backgrounds. I’m not so keen on those last two (depicting the Lord and Lady, this world’s deities – more on that later) so will probably redo them at some point: 

 Other features… daily activities now show up like this: 

 And we have the tiredness feature in the top left, which you’ve seen before but I figured I’d include it (still haven’t fixed that centring issue…) 

So the bare bones of the game has been coded and seems to be working fine. The big thing still to code is custom main and pause menus, which I’m going to take a look at next month. After that I can start actually adding game events and not just test dialogue.

Also on the to-do list is making a simpler version of the font. I use Andrade; I’ve already slightly modified it (as it was beautiful but hard to make out what some of the letters actually were), but I need an actual legible version with normal caps letters for the dialogue I think.

So yes, the game is making good progress! Next month’s goal: implement menus, sort out font, keep working on CGs and character sprites. See you then!

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