Iiiit’s time for a big update post!

So first and foremost, the demo isn’t ready. I know I know, Murphy’s Law. Going from unemployed to a full time job is the main culprit for my delays though.

I have coded the events of the first game month (the demo will be the first 2 game months) so progress is coming along nicely, but there’s much more work to do before I feel I can release a demo. Nonetheless I think I’ll have the demo ready for the end of December - except that’s Christmas and all, so more like the start of January.

Anyway, let me show you what I have so far! Obviously I was mostly coding over the past month and I can’t exactly show that off, but I put together some handy gifs so you can see the game in action! Obviously, image quality is limited by the gif capture here: 

And the game play side of things:

…Also bear in mind those background images are placeholder pilfered art. There’s no way I’d get the backgrounds done on time so that’s… well, a task for next year.

That’s about all I can really show off! December will focus on finishing the coding, adding the music, polishing/bugtesting and figuring out how I turn this into a playable game. 

Get Fate of the Squire (demo)

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