December showcase time! (a week late, because it was Christmas day last monday). And today is the start of a brand new year – fitting, because…

~*~The demo is complete!~*~

What are you waiting for? Go download it!

(Note: .zip file for PC only. Size is about 120MB)

(Also note: this game is NSFW and contains explicit adult content. If you’re a minor, please don’t download this).

This last month has been spent finishing art assets, finding music and fixing bugs. After handing it to my chief game tester, aka Boyfriend, I also shuffled the order of scenes around a little, tweaked some dialogue and made a few general gameplay improvements.

The demo is by no means perfect. I’m still using placeholder art as backgrounds. The status icon is still just a sketch. Some of the CGs could do with updating as well, especially the opening (because I drew the opening CGs first, so of course they’re the least polished). I couldn’t find any bugs but it’s entirely possible there are some still there. If while playing you notice anything wonky, reporting it via PM here will help me to spot and fix it.

The demo lets you play the first 2 months of Fate of the Squire (which lasts for 12 months). It’s free and always will be. The plan is now to focus on finishing the art assets I still need (mostly backgrounds) so I can put out a new graphically-updated demo.

After that I’ll start adding new content on Patreon, which patrons can access right away. I haven’t entirely decided yet, but it’ll either be an early access type model where updates will eventually become public, or they’ll stay patron-only until the game is totally complete (planned for August 2018, but realistically likely to be later than that) after which it will be free for everyone.

Note it is possible to lose at the end of the demo, so if you’re struggling I’ve put some gameplay hints on the renpy forums here. If you do find the gameplay unbalanced however, or you have some general gameplay improvement suggestions (that aren’t a massive undertaking, i.e. random events) then feel free to message me.

Other than that, happy playing! And don’t forget to keep out here for weekly updates about the development progress!

Get Fate of the Squire (demo)

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