It’s the end of the month! You know what that means… masterpost time!

So, this month’s masterpost will be less exciting than the others because I’ve spent all of January drawing backgrounds. I mean, maybe some of you out there really appreciate a good background but like most artists I love figure drawing and detest environments. Even so I’ve muddled through, and here is a composition of all of them:

Full size here.

So above is… well it’s 18 backgrounds, but some are night time variations/palette swaps, so it’s actually 12 backgrounds. I want to release an updated demo at the end of February (same content, just getting rid of all the placeholder graphics) and have worked out that the demo uses 20 backgrounds. That means there’s more still to go! So I’m going to spend the next 3 weeks of February getting all of those done.

I’ve also been working on a few tweaks to the game itself. I’ve had some feedback for the game both here and on the renpy forums which has been glowing so far, but I’ve also had some good suggestions for what to improve. Based on one person’s suggestion I’ve updated the day planner screen to show you your money balance, so you don’t have to keep checking the status screen:

You’ll also notice that I finally got around to updating the status icon at the top left too!

Based on other feedback, I’m also going to make the demo a little easier to ‘win’. This means you might end up fulfilling the ending requirements for more than one knight – so I intend to add in something that will let you pick your preferred route if that happens.

So yes, there’s still quite a lot to do before the end of February but I think I’ve budgeted enough time for it. I’m hoping to participate in NaNoRenO after that (I think it’d be good to get more than one VN under my belt, and the break from Squire would be nice) but I’m still struggling for realistically feasible ideas, so we’ll see.

(As a side note for itch only, we're now all caught up on dev posts. You can look forward to the next one in February, but if you want to see what I get up to week by week, you could keep an eye my tumblr blog or my patreon. It's also worth mentioning that patrons also now get access to a bonus content post most weeks which showcases upcoming content - and they get very early access to game updates too).

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