It’s the last Monday of the month, so it’s time for a masterpost!

First the bad news: The October demo isn’t ready. I suspected it wouldn’t be due to my week off after NaNoRenO (which I sorely needed, but it did cut into Squire development time). Although the main scenes are in the game I feel it could do with a bit more dialogue – Leith musing about upcoming events, that kind of thing. Some of the sprites could also do with minor tweaking, and I still need to colour in that day planner town map background.

I’m still hoping to have the new release by next week, May 7th. There will also be an updated version of the public demo – no content changes, just the minor fixes and a message at the end about the new content.

Now to show you what’s in store next week (for patrons only currently, but you can have a look as well). We have…

New costumes for the main characters:

A new scene with the knight:

Some family time:

A Samhain festival at the end of the month, with some more knight contact:

That’s all I can show off for now. I’ll see you next week with a new release, hopefully!

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