MAY SHOWCASE (a little bit late)

A week late, but here’s the masterpost summarising May’s progress. As those who follow weekly may have noticed, May has been a little slow – this is 90% due to my day job eating up all my time and energy. I have switched jobs now, so hopefully June will be more fruitful! Even so, I have some stuff to show off.

The in-game month I’ve been working on is November, which involves a contest focusing on one skill in particular. 6 new CGs are planned (2 for each knight), here’s a preview…

We’re also introduced to our first rival – the entire premise of the game (and a means of explaining the occasionally obsessive qualities of dating sim protagonists) is a competition to win over your knight, and this of course means there are other people standing in your way. Rivalry becomes a more important theme later on in the game as the competition heats up, but November is a good introduction.

What it’s lacking is contact with the actual knight; in the first draft of the game, you weren’t even supposed to talk properly with your knight until December, but when it came to making the game properly I realised how unrewarding that was for the player. As a result Leith has stumbled across his knight a few times now. They’re not strangers anymore, and thus some extra scenes in November are warranted. This is something I’m still working on, and I’m wary of releasing something rushed and disappointing.

The date for the (patron only) November download is thus June 18th. I know this is later than anticipated, but I hope this will make the content release more worthwhile. I’ll use the rest of June to start on December’s content, which is a pretty big update and so will need quite a bit of work.

I’ll see you next week for further progress on November! Until then.

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That CG is absolutely gorgeous, wow!

And the rival system is nice, something we don't see often. Though, knowing myself, I'll be frustrated we can't romance the rivals haha!

Glad you found a job that seems to suit you better, and congrats on the progress, even if it was slower that you'd like!