It's already the end of the month! Where did the time go?

The heat has been a bit of progress killer this month, but I do have a little bit to share with you all. Firstly I've created new winter costumes for each of the knights, and winter variants for Leith and his family. Plus Leith in an undershirt, because I realised I'd need him in a state of semi-undress for upcoming scenes wink wink nudge nudge ;)

I have three CGs to show off... sort of. They're the three knights' variants on the same scene and share a background, but the foreground is completely different for each one.

We also have three wintry background variants:

Next month I'll be working on scenes for the Yuletide festival (Squire's equivalent of Christmas, obviously) and an adult scene with the knight. December is supposed to mark when the adult scenes become a more regular occurrence, so I need to start working on the first few, at least...

Anyway, there's still quite a lot to do before December is finished but I'm hoping next month's update will have significant progress, if not a finished version.

In other news my patron is doing well – which is to say I get $27 a month but I mean, that's still $27 worth of people who like my work so I'm flattered. Because I now have enough patrons that making polls is actually worthwhile, I'm hoping to give supporters more influence over CG poses, sprite costumes and other future content.

For those not following weekly updates over at tumblr or Patreon, I'll see you next month!

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Aah, your artworks are as charming as ever! I'm so hyped for this game, even if I'm unfortunately too broke to be a patron