It's the end of the month, and time for a progress update! I was hoping to have a new release ready for now, but hot weather and family visits have intervened a little, so it isn't finished just yet. I'm hoping the end of next month I'll actually have a new public release available.

In the meantime I've been working on December's racier content, as it marks the start of regular visits to your particular knight to... service their needs, as it were. I won't lie, while I put a lot of effort into the story and world building, the explicit content is one of the major focuses of this game for me. I think it's fair to say it's why a lot of people are quite invested in this game as well (though I've had a few comments that applaud squire specifically -because- it has story as well as sex, which was very nice to hear).

So! You meet the knight at their holdings and you canoodle a bit (just a bit though). This means drawing a bunch of new backgrounds. Garaile's is pretty much done, a desolate castle far from Somalaire's civilised folk:

Since it's home to one rather uncivilised knight:

I've also made good progress with Lyall's castle. Like most things related to Lyall (full plate armour, long hair, large fluffy dogs) it's a pain in the rear to paint, but the end result is pretty nice:

...Yes, Lyall's adult scene does involve some lap-sitting. He may be an ice prince, but he's also a papa wolf (how far I take that theme remains to be seen...)

There's a few other scenes that are half-done but I don't really want to show them off yet because I'm likely to rewrite them. I can't show off anything for Areli yet, sorry Areli fans! So that's about all for now. I'll keep chugging away at work – if you didn't already know, you can follow weekly updates at my tumblr or patreon. See you next time!

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I feel like you're improving greatly with the backgrounds along the way! They're so pretty! I like the feel of both interior ones (though the first pic is very nice too).

Aah, so hyped for the full release haha