…Strictly speaking this is a little late, given the last Monday in September was last week. But nonetheless!

Demo update… it’s still not done. Sorry! This is taking a lot longer than I thought it would :/ Real life has gotten in the way but even finding the time to work I feel like I’ve made quite slow progress. Perhaps because it’s been mostly backgrounds this past month? I do feel my environment art has gotten better, but I’m still pretty slow at making something that actually looks good. I’ve been working on Lyall and Areli’s castles:

I’ve also worked on the steward sprites. They’re fairly key NPCs, particularly in the second half of the game where Leith can visit the knight’s castle more often, so it’s important that their design was good. Most of them will double as yet more nameless NPC sprites via costume/hair change as well, which is good. You need quite a big roster of characters when a whole year of in-game time passes!

I’ve been working on the knight’s H-scenes as well, but only patrons can access those… for now ;)

That about wraps it up. The demo won’t be ready by next week but, perhaps the week after? I’ll definitely post a link across all the game sites (tumblr, patreon, itch, renpy forums) when it’s ready so don’t worry about missing it. Until next time!

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You're definitely becoming better and better at background art - the castles are gorgeous! Particularly fond of the night scenes.

Aah, I wish I could be a patron so I could support you, but I'm so broke I'm struggling for basic things so yeah - maybe later. And no, I'm not telling that for the H scenes since I wouldn't want to have these spoiled to me anyway haha!

Well, in any case, good luck and good continuation! Take your time - I don't think any of your follower would mind waiting a couple more weeks!