It’s a (slightly late) end of the month post! December is finally finished (boy, that took a while) and is now available to download for patrons. Never fear, it will become public eventually! My plan is to always keep the patron release 2 months ahead of the public one. This also means…

~*~ October is now available for public release! ~*~

PC download: MEGA 

Mac download: MEGA 

See below for the Itch downloads as well!

As a reminder of what October contains…

Samhain Approaches…

  • The spooky season of Samhain arrives… though it has some distinctly more intimate connotations in Somalaire
  • Influence how Samhain day itself plays out by choosing how Leith dances at the parade (as in with wild abandon, measured elegance, or like an awkward penguin). Knights will react differently for each choice, for better or worse
  • Family scenes and discussion about Leith’s upcoming duties as a squire
  • Samhain-themed costumes for Leith and the knights!
  • Remember, there’s no bad end at the end of October, so if you hate stat-raising feel free to skip through the boring content and get right to the new scenes.

I’ve also created this handy roadmap to show you where we are, how far we have to go, and where the patreon release is vs. the public one.

As you can see the game lasts one year and content is released episodically month by month, so we have some way to go still!

Now what happens?

Onto the next month of course! January is approaching and with it the start of a new plot arc that will take up several in-game months. Be warned, depending on your choices things might take a dark turn. Stay tuned…


FotS 0.2.3 - MEGA download (PC)
Nov 05, 2018
FotS 0.2.3 - MEGA download (Mac)
Nov 05, 2018
FotS 0.2.3 - ITCH download (Mac) 110 MB
Nov 06, 2018
FotS 0.2.3 - ITCH download (PC) 127 MB
Nov 06, 2018

Get Fate of the Squire (demo)


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Haaah, it all seems so cool!

I'm so at conflict with myself here - I'd love to play a new demo, but I feel like the october one doesn't add enough things for me not to be simply teased. But I'm so broke I don't know if I'd be able to pledge anything right now. That would leave me with waiting, but I don't want that either haha! And well, I'd feel bad if I became a patron just for this month in order to dowload and then stopped. 

I hate money related problems XD

Non the less, congrats on the steady progress! Loving it as always!

Admittedly, it is a drip feed of content, especially with October-November not adding new romantic or explicit content. The alternative is an absolute drought of content while the game is (slowly) finished though so for me, I'd rather release it month by month. Of course, you can just not play until the game is done or you have at least several months worth of content to play through, if you want it to feel more significant.

Don't worry about not being a patron! It's for people who want to (and can afford to) support Squire's development, and as thanks they can play new content sooner than everyone else, but it'll all be public eventually so it's not like you're missing out! That you regularly comment and follow this game's progress is already very flattering.

Aw, that's sweet of you to say!

And well, I don't necessarily need huge bulks of romance progress to replay, but I just want to have enough new things to read. I mean, I love the world of this game and the characters overall, so it's not all about the romantic relationships to me. That's why I think 2 to 3 months "packs" will be enough for me to be satisfy me. But october alone, that's a bit short XD